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Teach me how to be scene. [entries|friends|calendar]
Cool Kids Aganist Layne

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LAYME STORY TIME [09 Feb 2005|09:34am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

tell a story about Layne.
something she did that you hated.
or just anything.

my story.
one time Layne and i were at a my friend's appt hanging out. she told everyone she was going to mcdonalds and asked me to go with her. i was hungry so i went. when we got there she wasn't even hungry (that bitch is anorexic i SWEAR) and so i got something to eat. after that she said she wanted to go by garrett smith's house. i said alright whatever. so we were driving there and i changed the radio station to 100.9 and we were being lame acting like thugs. and we went to garretts for like 5 seconds and then she was all yeah...we gotta go...people are wiating on us...(making herself sound all important and shit) and then when we got in there she said "put in Norma Jean" and i said ok and put it in. then she turned it up all LOUD and said "let's show them what we're all about" and drove off all fast like a badass.

sorry i had to vent a little bit.

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FUCK A FRIENDS ONLY. [10 Dec 2004|09:55pm]



so today terry tried to tell me shit about this. I mean dont get me wrong, Im friends with Terry and all but I let him know about fucking Layme. He tries telling me that she never did anything to me and how it wasnt  fair then I start saying all this shit about how Layme fucking comes crying to me when she thinks she pregnant with his kid and she come my MY FUCKING HOUSE and fucking lies to my face about getting an abortion then she goes and tells other people that Terry hit her in the stomach, THEN she tells others that shes fucking not even pregnant. FUCK THAT DUDE. No one is going to come into my house and fucking disrespect me by lying to my fucking face.

haha then she goes and breaks up with him becuase hes friends with me? or at least thats what I hear.

 god I fucking hate her.


to her:Collapse )

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ha funny [09 Dec 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | Krunk ]

ya uhh i think the thing about the people who hang with layme right about is they all hate her well not all cause amber is one of the nicest people ever but phil mike lauren emily ha even her supossed boyfriend talks shit about her thats funny i mean i know im not the coolest and i could care less cause most thh kids around this place could die and i wouldnt shed a tear cause ya know im a badass like that jk but dude you people who are saying the people in the laymexclub are rude well hey at least we talk shit to her face not behind her back i mean thats worse so ya hey layne ask terry about how much he made fun of you when i first stared hanging with yall ha well im out if ne yall bitch ass dudes got plex then buck ho asses.

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[09 Dec 2004|08:46pm]
NEW RULE: all posts have to be friend's only.
i'm making this one public so everyone can see it.
and if you posted in the past (Sara & Chris) just go back and make it friends only.
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